The unique name Chikere Allure comes from the African Igbo language meaning "God created" and allure defined as attraction. Chikere Allures' motto is 'With Purpose', providing custom apparel and homemade products to bring out the best in your spirit and your skin. Chikere Allure is dedicated to young people who suffer with skin issues that cause a lack in confidence and low self-esteem. The goal is to help them achieve better skin, lifting their self-esteem and promoting self confidence. God created YOU 'With Purpose'. Chikere Allure does not discriminate against any groups or individuals because GOD is LOVE, ALWAYS.


 Chikere Allure LLC was founded by Ashley Collins. The idea for this brand comes from years of suffering with eczema (severely dry skin). "I decided to make products for people who suffer from eczema along with other skin issues because I know what it feels like to have low self-esteem and little to no confidence at a young age and being made fun of because of my skin. Along the journey into adulthood I have picked up many good ingredients that have helped improve my skin significantly. My Chikere Wear is inspired by my spiritual journey, as I accepted Christ into my life when I was water baptized in Jesus name at the age of 15. Following christ helped me to gain confidence and lift my self-esteem in knowing that we all a have purpose for lives. God has been the head of my life since."

- Love Ash